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Best videos about bananas: YouTube Food Science

Best videos about bananas: YouTube Food Science   

Bananas are surprisingly interesting and full of science. Bananas and other everyday items are great to promote scientific inquiry.  How much could there possibly be to know? It turns out a lot!

So take a look at the best YouTube videos about bananas and science.

1) Sci Show: Bananas are losing the war on fungus

Turns out all Cavendish bananas are clones and there is a delicious, nearly extinct banana that most of us will never taste!

The Science:
- All Cavendish bananas are genetically identical.
- The lack of genetic diversity among bananas means they are extremely susceptible to disease.
- One strong disease has the potential to wipe them all out.
- This happened before to the Gros Michel (the bigger and sweeter variety I mentioned) 
- For more science check out the video!

2) Google Science Fair: Can we make plastic from banana skins? Elif Bilgin

Inspirational video about Turkish teenager Elif Bilgin, winner of the Voter's Choice Award at the Google Science Fair in 2013 and the Scientific American Science in Action Award. 

The Science:
- Starchy organic materials can be used to make bioplastics from waste.
- Using recycled materials can reduce our dependence on petroleum-based plastics and reduce waste.
- Check out the video for more science!

3) Burning Bananas 

A researcher wants to find out if the mass amounts of banana waste in developing countries could be turned into something useful.

The Science:
- Bananas produce a large quantity of waste - as little as 10% of a banana's weight is eaten.
- Many developing nations have large quantities of banana waste and little access to wood for burning.
- Great look at the intersection of science, engineering, and society.
- Check out the video for more science!

Thanks for reading! As always, go science!

4) Can Bananas Conduct Electricity and be used to make Music? Street Science!
  • Alligator clips, A microcontroller powered circuit board, basic piano app and a few bananas are all you need to make a basic keyboard.
  • Check out the video below!

For for Banana science check out this book: Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

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