Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Garage Sale Fish Fossil - Can we Identify it with science?

UPDATE: The awesome people at The Fossil Forum helped ID the fossil. They determined that it is a Diplomystus from the Eocene Epoch (~45 million-year-old)  and from the Green River formation of Kemmerer Wyoming. Thanks!

CT Science Nut here with a garage sale fish fossil to take a look at! I got this fossil last summer at a garage sale for $5. The gentleman holding the sale told me that it was from Green River site and was about 50 million years old. Not exactly a well-documented piece, but I said "what the heck" and gladly bought it for the $5 asking price.  The piece is in good condition and has found a forever home on my desk!

 Fossil measures about 12cm head to tail. 

Fossils can be great to use as models for scientific inquiry and investigations. Being able to research and investigate something that is millions of years old can be powerful for many people. 

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