Monday, March 6, 2017

Science YouTube Channel Review: Science Vs. Cinema

Science YouTube Channel Review: Science Vs. Cinema

Finding new, high-quality science YouTube channels is a passion of mine. I was first exposed to the YouTube channel Science Vs. Cinema after reading Andy Weir's The MartianScience Vs Cinema is an outstanding YouTube channel that explores the real science in famous films and exposes some common science misconceptions.  

The show is a project by Andy Howell and James Darling. Andy Howell is an astrophysicist at Los Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, a physics professor at UCSB and a film critic at Aint it cool news.  James Darling is a writer, editor, and producer. Andy hosts the show and is an amazingly talented guy, with the science and film chops to pull this series off.  This is certainly a quality over quantity style channel and reaches television level quality. In The Martian pilot episode, Dr. Howell talked to the book's author Andy Weir, the writer of the film's screenplay Drew Goddard, director Ridley Scott, along with a ton of NASA scientists. This channel is big league, Andy and James are currently working on turning the YouTube channel into a television show. Science vs Cinema has recently done videos on the films Arrival and Passengers 

There is a lot to be learned by studying science in cinema. Science fiction films can expose viewers to concepts that can change the way they look at the world. Cinema can be a launchpad for knowledge and an inspiration for young scientists. I remember the first time I saw Interstellar, as soon as I got home I tore through books and articles working through the science. Now Andy and company can help individuals inspired by movies to learn more about the real science behind them. 

Check out The Martian video below and Science Vs Cinema channel here. 

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