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The Eyes of Nye: Bill Nye's other Science Show

The Eyes of Nye: Bill Nye's other science show!

Many young scientists (including myself) have been influenced by Bill Nye's "Bill Nye The Science Guy" program that aired on PBS and other stations in the 1990s. The show lasted 5 seasons and spanned 100 episodes. It became a science classroom staple with it's a great sense of humor and enthusiasm for science. The show was aimed primarily at elementary aged students, and it owned that demographic. Bill Nye has been in the spotlight as of late, a lot of people doubt his credentials and expertise as a scientist. He has gotten himself in hot water appearing as an expert on numerous news shows in the recent years. Despite this, I think Bill Nye is valuable as a science educator that has connected kids with science for over two decades.  Did you know that Bill Nye had a one season show aimed at older students and adults? Did you also know that it was really good? Let me introduce you to The Eyes of Nye!

Show: The Eyes of Nye

Released:  2005

1 season, 13 Episodes

Rated: TV-G, TV-PG

Recommended for: Ages 13 and older.


The Eyes of Nye was in many ways a sophisticated successor to Bill Nye The Science Guy. Aimed at older viewers, the show provided viewers with a more global view of science.  Bill was back, still funny and weird, but with a more serious message.

The topics of the show were heavier and more urgent.  Episodes on global climate change, antibiotic resistance, pseudoscience and many others were way ahead of their time.  Bill's show for the new millennium had grown up, just like the many kids who had watched his first show. The Eye of Nye in many ways felt familiar. Goofball segments were still the norm, but the information had evolved. This show is a favorite among middle school and high school students who may remember Bill Nye from their elementary school classrooms. While Bill (and some of his shenanigans)  may bring back Nostalgia, the higher level of information becomes immediately obvious to the audience. It is a shame that the show only lasted one season. The 13 episodes we were given are all gems! Take a look at the episode list below, if you can use one in a lesson do so! Check out the links to purchase some of the episodes below.

Episode List: 
Episode1: Astrobiology
Episode 2: Pseudoscience
Episode 3: Addiction
Episode 4: Cloning
Episode 5: Nuclear Energy
Episode 6: sports
Episode 7: Population
Episode 8: Race
Episode 9: Antibiotics
Episode 10: Genetically Modified foods
Episode 11: Transportation
Episode 12: Global Climate Change
Episode 13: Evolution of Sex

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