Saturday, April 1, 2017

Citizen Science: Help speed up Alzheimer's research with Stall Catchers

Citizen Science: Help speed up Alzheimers research with Stall Catchers Game

CT Science Nut encourages everyone to get involved in citizen science! Citizen Science allows the general public to collaborate with scientists to help push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Project: EyesOnALZ Stall Catchers
Goal:  to speed up Alzheimers Research
How to participate: Play Stall catchers game online only at
Who Can participate: Anyone
Level of Difficulty: Medium

 EyesOnALZ Stall Catchers game is using citizen science to speed up Alzheimer's research. The game was designed to aid researchers at Cornell University search brains for stalled blood vessels. Diseases like Alzheimer's are associated with reduced blood flow in the brain, Stall Catchers has you looking for blocked blood vessels called stalls that could be reducing blood flow to the brain causing the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's. These stalls reduce the flow of oxygen and everything else the brain needs to operate at its full potential. Finding these blocked blood vessels in the brains of animals is a monumental task. Without citizen scientists, the research would move at a snail's pace. Your job as a citizen scientist is to look at videos of mouse brains and use the virtual microscope to identify stalls. This data will then be used by Cornell Scientists to better understand the mechanisms that cause Alzheimer's with the hope of finding a way to combat the disease.

Many of us know someone who has Alzheimer's or dementia and have seen how devastating these diseases are. With the help of citizen science, hopefully Alzheimer's has met its match!

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