Monday, May 15, 2017

Citizen Science Project : Bumble Bee Watch

CT Science Nut encourages everyone to get involved in citizen science! Citizen Science allows the general public to collaborate with scientists to help push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Project: Bumble Bee Watch  
Goal: to track North America's Bumble Bees 
Cost: Free 
How to participate: Online at
Who Can participate: Anyone!
Level of Difficulty: Easy


Bumble Bee Watch is a citizen science project that aims to track Bumble Bees in North America. The project is a joint effort among a number of institutions and universities all around North America and Europe. This is a truly accessible citizen science project,  anyone in North America can participate in Bumble Bee watch and all you need is a computer, internet access, and a camera. The project relies on citizen scientists to contribute pictures of Bumble Bees so that they can be identified, and conserved. The project hopes to detect rare species before they go extinct in North America. To begin participating you need to sign up on their website, then all you need to do is take pictures of Bumble Bees in your area, upload them to the site, and wait for experts to identify the species. You can do this as many times as you like, the more data you provide, the more benefit it has to the folks at Bumble Bee Watch. 

Bumble Bee Watch also provides information about Bumble Bees for participants to learn more about conserving and creating Bumble Bee habitats, as well as other ways to support Bumble Bees in your area. Overall I would recommend this project to anyone who wants to help save Bumble Bees in North America. This is an easy project to contribute to, most people have their phones with them while out in their yard, in the garden or in parks and can help make a huge difference by snapping shots of the Bumble Bees they encounter. 

Check out this cool Mason Bee House to make a bee habitat of your own. 


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