Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Citizen Science Project: NestWatch

CT Science Nut encourages everyone to get involved in citizen science! Citizen Science allows the general public to collaborate with scientists to help push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Project: NestWatch
Goal: Monitor bird reproduction 
Cost: Free 
How to participate: Online at http://nestwatch.org/
Who Can participate: Anyone!
NestWatch is a Citizen Science project by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The goal of the project is to monitor bird reproductive patterns that focus on the nesting patterns of birds around North America. 

NestWatch tracks:
  • When nesting occur
  • Number of eggs 
  • How many eggs hatch
  • How many hatchlings survive
In order to participate, you have to become a certified NestWatcher by reading the NestWatch code of conduct and taking a brief quiz. Then you can sign up and begin collecting data based on NestWatch's protocols. The website is very helpful and provides a printable manual, tutorial videos, data sheets and helpful tips.  The Database of information being collected by citizen scientists is helping research study and understand the reproductive patterns of birds better than ever before. The data has led to a number of publications about birds populations. The NestWatch website provides a number of learning materials and is a great resource for teachers.


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