Saturday, May 13, 2017

4 YouTube Science Videos to Watch Right Now Vol. 4 Human Curiosity

YouTube Science Videos to Watch Right Now (In 20 minutes or less) Vol. 4 Human Curiosity 

This week I'm sharing 3 interesting YouTube Science videos about human curiosity that you can watch in 20 minutes or less. This blog series is meant to provide science enthusiasts with a variety of science YouTube videos that will expand your knowledge and not make you late for work!

Curiosity is at the heart of what makes us human. Studying human curiosity and its impact on our lives is a relatively new field, but already scientists are making amazing discoveries about the importance of this trait. Check out these 4 YouTube science videos about human curiosity.

#1 Can We Survive Curiosity? - Minute Physics 

Curiosity has opened the doors to both humanity's greatest achievements, and our biggest downfalls, it is up to you to decide what door to walk through.

#2 Bill Nye: Scientific Curiosity Kept our Ancestors Alive - Big Think

Bill Nye explains the importance of human curiosity, it's role in human evolution and the importance of science education. Check out Bill Nye's upcoming book: Everything All at Once: How to Unleash Your Inner Nerd, Tap into Radical Curiosity and Solve Any Problem 

#3 The Science of Wonder - Life Noggin

Life Noggin explores how wonder, fascination, and curiosity changes the chemistry of your brain.

#4 Understanding the Science of Curiosity - University of Rochester

Ben Hayden studies what makes human so curious by studying brain activity in primates with hopes to find more effective treatments for psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, depression, and OCD. 

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